So what's with reblogging the 'human supremacy' tag. (cause yeah, we can see your tags). Are you really stupid enough to beleive that humans aren't better than animals? because if you look up studies, it's proven that human brains are much better than animals. So yeah, why dont you go cry in the corner somewhere and pet a panda. Asshole.



1) Of course I know you can see my tags. I’m not excactly new to tumblr? But I’m allowed to reblog what I want. 

2) No, I don’t think we are better. I think we are all equal. And you’re probably already rolling your eyes now, anon, but trust me, I don’t really care. 

Yes, as humans we have some functions/qualities that are unique/much more developed than those of other animals. I’m not denying that. But is that how we meassure lives? How well your brain functions? 

Our human history is nothing, nothing compared to most of the animals on earth. If you view the universe’s timeline as a calendar, with Big Bang on the first of Jan, we come in on the 31st of December. We’re newcomers here on Earth.

Consider this: The crocodile has existed for about 50 million years. Very little has changed about it over that period. When it does change in some way, it is to be able to adapt to the changing conditions of Planet Earth. It adapt and continues to live its usual life.

Now consider humanity. We have also evolved over time, inside and out. We’ve evolved so much that we have great potential. But what are we doing? We’re destroying the Earth we inhabit. How does this make us better or cleverer? 

We’ve forgotten what animals haven’t, which is that we’re all part of nature, and if you don’t adapt and you don’t respect it, then you’re fucked. (Of course, if you don’t believe in global warming, you’ll have a whole other problem with this statement.)

I’m not saying I’m without fault. Though I quit meat 5 years ago, I do still eat fish, milk and eggs. I’m taking lives of innocent animals, and I hate that. Trust me, this will change in the future. 

What I have a problem with is humans treating animals as though we own them and can do whatever we want them. The only reason you’re really safe is because of the walls we’ve built around our civilization to keep mother nature out. 

If I drop you down in an African lake, who will be the superior one: You or the Crocodile?

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